You Can Serve Here

USHERS are needed to assist with the distribution of the Sunday morning bulletins and to bring people in an orderly fashion to the communion rail.  You will be asked to serve on a rotational basis.  Amount of time invested:   1 Sunday every nine weeks. 

SOUNDBOARD OPERATORS & TEAM MEMBERS  are needed to monitor and balance the sound quality of the Sunday morning worship service. Sound team members are also needed in the Family Life Center for Second Celebration Services.
SUNDAY MORNING GREETERS are needed to GREET people as they arrive for Sunday morning worship and at the conclusion of the service thanks the worshippers for attending. 

OFFICE ASSISTANTS TO FOLD BULLETINS & MONTHLY NEWSLETTERS are needed to keep the flow of information going from the church office to the members and friends of the congregation.  Sunday morning bulletin folders are needed on Thursday afternoons and the monthly newsletter crew are needed during the 4th week of the month.  

VOLUNTEERS to teach SUNDAY SCHOOL, WEDNESDAY WEEKDAY SCHOOL, VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL, & ADULT LIFE LIGHT CLASSES.  If you would love to share the Good News please contact the Church office at 722-1609.

VOLUNTEERS needed on a monthly basis to maintain the altar and the communion ware. Twice a month are the responsibilities of washing the communion ware after the communion services, the changing of the altar candles, banners and paraments for the correct season.  
MAKING BANNERS FOR SANCTUARY which will enhance the worship atmosphere of our church service. If you would like to paint, sew or do crafty things we would love to have you help make banners. Contact the church office.

PRAYER CHAIN MEMBERS are needed to communicate and lift members and friends in prayer. Prayer is a privilege and spiritual discipline. We have a prayer chain where members receive requests amd pass them to others. If you believe in the power of prayer you are welcome to be part of this ministry.
CHRISTMAS PROGRAM is a yearly event. Men, women, and children of all ages are needed to assist and participate in many different ways (costumes, make-up, speaking, singing parts, scenery, set-up and clean up crew.) 

COSTUMES, BACKDROPS, & DECORATIONS MAKERS FOR SPECIAL EVENTS are needed to share their artistic talents and an eye for design.  Contact the church office.
SET UP & TAKE DOWN THE CHRISTMAS TREE CREW is needed during December and in January to set-up a 20 foot Christmas tree in our sanctuary, decorate it with over 1000 lights and Chrismons, and thne in January reverse the process.  We need your help with this holiday tradition. 
MEMBERS OF THE CONTEMPORARY BAND are needed to share their talents with the Lord and the congregation. We are looking for guitarist, drummers, vocalists, and other percussionists.  The bands will play on the second and fifth Sundays of the month at 10:30 AM.    
INSTRUMENTALISTS FOR WORSHIP enchance our worship services. If you did not play sports in high school chances are you were in the band. We would love for you to play your trombone, flute, oboe, tuba, and other musical instruments. 
HOSPITAL & HOME-BOUND  VISITATION are an important part of any church ministry. If you would like to make hospital visits visits on your own and develop a "relational ministry", please contact the Church office.
PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR SPECIAL EVENTS are needed to capture on your digital camera those incredible moments.  If you are willing to be the snapshot specialist contact the church office.
SCRAPBOOK ORGANIZERS are needed to gather into one spot photographs and special momentos of milestone events at Holy Cross.  The last thing we need are for items and photographs to be lost in the bottom of a cardboard box or hidden away for years. Your gift is needed in collecting there time shared events. Contact the church office.

BABYSITTING FOR SPECIAL EVENTS are always needed for congregational functions. Families with small children will be "indebted" to you for providing a few hours of service. Most functions collect a "love offering" for your help and service. Contact the church office.
FOOD PREPARATION FOR SPECIAL EVENTS are dependent on special people who love to be in the kitchen.  Holy Cross usually provides food for most events and we are looking for home cooks and those talented chefs to join us in the kitchen.  If you like to work with FOOD we need you. Contact the church office.
VOTER'S ASSEMBLY MEMBERS are always needed for input in the direction and business of Holy Cross.  You must be 18 years or older to join. The VOTER'S ASSEMBLY has the power to decide matters relating to this congregation. Your vote does count and your input and service does matter.  The VOTERS ASSEMBLY meets typically on the first Tuesday in March, the last Tuesday in April, the Tuesday after Labor Day, and the last Tuesday in November.  
ADULT CHOIR MEMBERS are needed to sing anthems on Sunday mornings and an occasional Wednesday night service.